A Liger’s Tale, v. Rhea’s footnote

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“Another day was rolling out before her [Kiera]. She faced it with the same giddy determination that she always had, even if it meant being callow~coming down a little more heavily on the side of immaturity. Scatty, kind, heedless, carefree; informal, flaky yet, responsible, in control of, at the helm, accountable and answerable, sweet, gullible, honest, overtrusting and dupable she journeyed head on into the hour after midnight expecting that an hour would feel like a thousand years.”~Rhea Phoenix


Deconstructed boat

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“Me…. I live for imagination in my dreaming. I’m looking to re-generate my imagination to use it for Good for people, for community, for telling stories, because I have to.  Mixing and matching and mashing, collaging my way to the end, that’s my thing. That’s re-generation how the rest happens is mystery–Rhea Phoenix for salonunidad

Triple D

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not DQ dessert not sweet nor fruity

not Purdy’s dark orange liqueur nor Japanese brandy early

neither here or either there

still empty soundless white grey space

for acedia’s depression becomes obsession

without a face we lose our place

on our knees in the deepest darkest dungeon

enter into the labyrinth of despair

circling wildly hopelessly in prayer

crying and speaking that we might be heard

del rio

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‘Olas de vienta’

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Domenge’s carbon steel sphere is as unique as its negative spaces, which create dramatic view corridors to where the Fraser River meets the ocean.

“The place itself, it had to be something that reminds you of the waves of the sea, the waves of the wind and the waves of the intensity of life,” she says in an telephone interview from a Vancouver hotel.

—Matthew Hoekstra, Richmond Review, sculpture at Garry Point


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is no easy

if it pleases

try to come
to terms with

life being unfair
most of the time

work with that
find a way

perhaps this day

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