CSL Files 217


[1.01] The sun from the south

[1.02] To Cabo San Lucas or ‘Catch of the Ghost Marlin’

[1.03] Marlin Man

[1.04] Gone Dark

[1.05] Return to Cabo with Nada

[1.06] Near North

[1.07] Intro to Red Herring dream

[1.08] Red Herring revisited

[1.09] Complicated Web

[2.01] Voyage to Navolato

[2.02] A Diagrammatic Record

[2.03] After Thought

[2.04] Unlikely Disclosure

[2.05] I’ll Sleep the Deepest Sleep

[2.06] Miles Apart

[2.07] Treading Water

[2.08] Industrial Diner

[2.09] Shred of Dignity

CSL Files 217, takes place primarily in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and Vancouver, British Columbia.
The backdrop for central characters, Roberto Santa Cruz, an enigma to friends and family, born in Spain and Kate Maude Regan, a amateur physicist and artist, born in Ireland.
After years of working in Canada Roberto takes an extended contract as visiting Professor of wildlife biology and Scientist at a little known universtiy in Cabo San Lucas. At the end of a research project he decides to stay in CSL indefinitely, choosing to take a sabbatical from his profession to work as a guide for Cactus Club Glass Bottom Boat Rentals.
On his off days he spends time experiencing sightings of the legendary ‘Ghost Marlin’ while he devotes research to the discovery of a molecular phenomenon that explains vanishing sea turtle populations which creates a stir in scientific and environmentalist communities.
Kate decidedly travels to Cabo San Lucas to come to terms with failed attempts at being denied a physics doctorate. After fulfilling a tall order of critical study and preparation as requested by a temperamental supervisor she comes to new self acceptance reinventing herself which brings surprising yet deeply felt answers she has struggled to understand for more than half her life.
Maggie Mae is Kate’s newest older friend. Living together in Vancouver just off Commercial drive they share common interests and a painful past. They spend hours laughing about the absurdities of life, bantering with each other about the effects of depression stemming from long-held beliefs from childhood pain.
Lori Braveheart has spent the best part of her life-giving to others. A traveling companion and friend to Kate, she is at the beginning of a her own personal journey of realizing she wants to live life on her own terms. Afraid yet determined she decides to go with Kate on her second trip to Cabo San Lucas. A seasoned traveler with an appetite for adventure she relies on her sense of delight and wonder of life to carry her through the frail period she finds herself in.
Anthony (Tony) Fransisco, is close friend to Roberto and owner of Cactus Club Glass Bottom Boat Rentals in Cabo San Lucas. After years of working as a pharmacist in Mexico and enduring corrupt government practices with regard to drug regulations and policy enforcement that burn him personally he decides to opt out and work in the Tourist business.
Characters, locations and story lines are a mix of fact and fiction. Yet are highly imagined by the author.

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