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CSL Files 217, [2.03] After thought

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“They say the Irish are head strong. But I prefer to say heart strong. I’ve never been to Ireland but my name, Maude-Regan is pure Irish! I figure that is why I always have little ditties playing in my head that I want to rhyme together into lyrics because I can hear music playing buried deep inside from ancestors past. I think there is physical genetic rendering, music is in the Irish”

My after thought is: music and love go together they are of the same substance. That’s why people fall in deeper love when they remember a song connected to a particular memory of meeting a special someone. You may fall in love with a person, fall in love with your work, or the geography and culture of where you live.

In studying physics I have come to understand the most important thing is to embrace contradiction and chaos. Since we would rather move away from c & c like a magnet in the opposite direction the interesting thing is, if we pay close attention—we are drawn back to the thing we are moving away from.

“Know that I’m not talking about erotic, romantic love but the substance, the matter in you and me that keeps us living and taking breaths everyday that drives you like an olympic athlete to the gold

When I came home from Cabo San Lucas I began to notice fear and anxiety loosening its hold on me. I accepted my perceived failures with new found delight and recycled all the past with the present to make something new

I guess that’s what love can do turn things old to new”


Gaze at Goodness

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If you keep


at Goodness

you can’t help

but remain

open to


Do not turn your

gaze elsewhere

For if you do

it will be like


All kinds of ghosts

goblins demons

and creatures

will assail you

It will be later

and you’ll have

spent a long time

mucking about in ditches

Stay away from that

narrow channel in the ground

Eventually you will be found

in the light

walking along upright

as you gaze at Goodness


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Photo Credit: Danielle Hebert

Photo Credit: Danielle Hebert

done terminado fini complete

when your life was done I was undone I remember it all so quickly—so vividly your finish wrecked havoc

threw us into a sphere that we knew not

friends became friends and enemies

misunderstanding took over gone was the master

I will always remember your goodness to me in my life I point to your steadiness, your masterly ways that brought out the best in each of us at Living Stone Studio

I look adelante

Ever forward that is what you wanted that is what you understood for the artist “to make your way as you go”

In memory of Alberto


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I once met a longshoreman who was done with boredom he lived in three cities at the river by the sea

Inside a studio adorned with fountains a place where you will see the lovely distant mountains

He waited there until the salmon were in season then promptly moved out so I could live in Steveston

As fate would have it

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some of us were lucky we found our hearts down by the river in time

others left their’s behind they were found on the shore with various pieces of debris which had washed up from the river

there was sadness cuz he knew they had forgotton or lost them so the River Walker went to the Buck and had a few looking to find those ones who were true

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

in the gathering there was one or two who recalled a better time ~ suddenly a hush came over them and with that another round ~ “life is good said the River Walker slapping them on the backs, he exclaimed F—k yeah! I wouldn’t have it any other way and I think you guys would agree with me so let’s drink up and enjoy the day ‘cuz I have a feeling it’s easy to go the other way, if you catch my drift – LOL”


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happy days

happy days

I remember the feeling of swinging, it was always such a expresar of freedom. Once you got on there you felt that everything else melted away. You were allowed to be totally in your body feeling the movement, the dizziness and the utter happiness of full out swinging.

Best of all you knew now how to make yourself swing. You had learned how to pump your legs and then you tried variations of it by standing tall on the swing and pumping with your whole body. And you felt on top of the world.

The freedom of being a child is to expresar.

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