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CSL Files 217, [2.03] After thought

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“They say the Irish are head strong. But I prefer to say heart strong. I’ve never been to Ireland but my name, Maude-Regan is pure Irish! I figure that is why I always have little ditties playing in my head that I want to rhyme together into lyrics because I can hear music playing buried deep inside from ancestors past. I think there is physical genetic rendering, music is in the Irish”

My after thought is: music and love go together they are of the same substance. That’s why people fall in deeper love when they remember a song connected to a particular memory of meeting a special someone. You may fall in love with a person, fall in love with your work, or the geography and culture of where you live.

In studying physics I have come to understand the most important thing is to embrace contradiction and chaos. Since we would rather move away from c & c like a magnet in the opposite direction the interesting thing is, if we pay close attention—we are drawn back to the thing we are moving away from.

“Know that I’m not talking about erotic, romantic love but the substance, the matter in you and me that keeps us living and taking breaths everyday that drives you like an olympic athlete to the gold

When I came home from Cabo San Lucas I began to notice fear and anxiety loosening its hold on me. I accepted my perceived failures with new found delight and recycled all the past with the present to make something new

I guess that’s what love can do turn things old to new”


A Fine emerging

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A Fine FrenzyI like pioneer women like Georgia O, Fine Frenzy, Kate Bush remember her….women who go, start stay and end things. Look up and out and around and get on their horses and go. Every day it seems like there are not moments to waste. Life is going by quickly for us and our time is short. So we need to act swiftly yet we need to be calm, gentle and patient too. There is no secret formula for living some sort of good life.

There is now and then and el futuro though. I wish for courage for you and if hope be deferred then let it be so. It comes up and out of me for you and it comes at unannounced times and yes it takes me by surprise. I keep giving it back and over to the place I do not know in my waking life. I know it in my dream life and in the realm where mortals dare not tread.

All we need to do is ask and it will be given, raise a voice ask a question and it will be heard and answered. Courage and Bravery  c & b again….it is given….then received then practiced by the apprentice and then laid down over and over again. Everyday I remember you, I recall a time when you were brave if only in a distant dream. Yes indeed there was a time.

Soon in it’s right season a time will come again and be upon you and your emerging will gently flow to a place you did not know and it will be a gift to the world because you will be freed from a hostage heart freed from that frozen part.

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