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a fin de cuentas

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When all words are said and done closure and an end comes. Gracias and Thank you to each person who has visited Salon~unidad over these past two years.

I began this blog to commemorate a special friendship, my brief time with Alberto Replanski and lessons learned at Living Stone Studio.

As of the end of this month October 2010, I finish posting. I will let Salon~unidad be, eventually in good time I will remove the content and delete the blog.

Further installments of A Liger‘s Tale and CSL Files 217 will continue to be published elsewhere.

It has been a worthy and wonderful adventure to use this blog as a means of expression for my own words and many words of other people, some of whom I know personally that have come along my path.

Thank you, Gracias and Merci— for visiting and for reading ~ Erika


Art lesson 101

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Alberto said that people talk without saying much. As I perused twitter last night, it seemed so. Sometimes I wish we lived in a world where there were more pictures and less words.

Words produce noise, noise gets in the way of seeing and hearing. Many days I only want to meet with silence.

Alberto listened to people, he listened to empty talk and words that seemed full of promise. It was best to wait and see what words would reveal of a person, whether they were interested in art, the value of it, interested in what he was saying in his work.

To the individual artist what matters is; that people give us a chance to speak through our art. When we give time to listen we are demonstrating our interest and intention. When we demonstrate our interest and intention we are giving importance to a person’s story thereby acknowledging that there is value and meaning to their existence.

Deconstructed boat

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was not


to gather


we just




faced the



of you


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you are my friend I won’t pretend otherwise show me your ways

I am at your disposal you are not disposable to me so I will take you

and make you we will have fun and a go at alchemy


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Photo Credit: Danielle Hebert

Photo Credit: Danielle Hebert

done terminado fini complete

when your life was done I was undone I remember it all so quickly—so vividly your finish wrecked havoc

threw us into a sphere that we knew not

friends became friends and enemies

misunderstanding took over gone was the master

I will always remember your goodness to me in my life I point to your steadiness, your masterly ways that brought out the best in each of us at Living Stone Studio

I look adelante

Ever forward that is what you wanted that is what you understood for the artist “to make your way as you go”

In memory of Alberto

“Me gustaria ser pintor”

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Living Stone Studio

Living Stone Studio

We come to the studio to rest and make art….it is not a sausage factory!

~Alberto Replanski

It is a kind of luxury to have a ‘place of one’s own’ to create, to take time to make art. As artists often we have a driving need to produce. If we have not made anything lately we feel unhappy or worse like fakes.

So we go to the studio to make things.

To susurrar our own intentions, our own truth of where we are in our art making for better or worse can free us from a self imposed exile. Riding the wave of the creative spirit is a perilous el viaje at times.

It is like being on a small raft that you’ve fashioned out of raw materials that you are not sure is going to hold together, you are floating down the fast and furious Fraser.

You have no shelter no protection. Absolute energy is mandatory to navigate uncharted currents. The elements can be friend or foe at any given moment. It’s unbelievably exhilarating and hell at the same time.

You gravitate to it and then you correr (run) away from it as rapidly as you can. Welcome to the artist’s life.

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