A Liger’s Tale


I. The sextant made of Alum-ore

II. Hmv

III. 90 Years Dreaming

IV. Kiera

V. Left in a muddle

VI. The dream of the dialogue

VII. Yol’carn’s farewell

IX. Kiera and Enna

X. i Kode

XI. I find the map~enter Rhea Phoenix

XII. Kompact Kargo

XIII. Suited Up

XIV. ii Kode

XV. Apprentice

XVI. Kairos: a brief explaination

XVII. Kiera to El Bajo

XVIII. The Timeline

XIX. Livan-drea, Rhea to Kiera

XX. Kiera’s Arrival

XXI. Sweat Equity

XXII. iii. Re: Genomic Imprinting

XXIII. iv. Typography to Cartography

XXIII. v. Rhea’s Footnote

XXIII. Mapping Livan-drea

XXIII. vi. Inception

XXIV. Rhea’s Song

XXV. Careful Consideration

XXVI. Extreme Dream

XXVII. Bounty of the Salish Sea

XXVII. vii. As Promised

A Liger‘s Tale is a sci-fiction medievil fantasy, telling the story of a Liger (a half breed), named Kiera; an apprentice who is on a journey to discover her true identity.

She is a lonesome traveler who is given Rhea Phoenix as wise guide and guardian. She travels through time and moves through dimensions at will. As an apprentice she must collect instruments, tools and ancient knowledge to teach herself.

Kiera wanders in ‘Livan-drea’, a ‘fortress city’ that is really a village driven by an industry and trade in decline. Along the way she meets characters who give her clues about her ancestry. It is a tumultuous journey since she learns lessons that test her temprement, judgement and motives.

After meeting Hmv to receive his timeline she continues a long journey on the Path. Fortunate to have Rhea Phoenix she chooses to indenture herself as an apprentice. Rhea and Kiera journey together and the story unfolds as they go adelante (forward).

Characters, locations and story lines are a mix of fact and fiction. Yet are highly imagined by the author.

[Glosario de personajes]


A female liger, a hybred

Her Father is a lion her mother a tigress, born to a litter of three. One sibling died, 2 remain. Kiera and her sister, Enna. She was named after ‘Ciara’ an Irish Saint who founded a monastery at Kilkerny, Ireland in the 7th century. She bears a mark that is deep within her dna that will shape her destiny and character. She has other half bloods, they too are hybreds

Rhea Phoenix

A woman, with a history of assignments on earth and off planet

An apprentice to the River Walker. Assigned by YHWH to be Kiera’s guide and guardian. Rhea is ambitious she runs after wisdom yet is bound by her own foibles that become the medium she works with to gain wisdom. She shares with Kiera an association with Hmv.  She was given Kiera as her own apprentice, so that she might guide Kiera through her assignment; The 4th power: Time.


Her masters voice, human or animal

Is a doctor of mathematics & architecture, a quarry worker and teacher. Hmv presents as male human but at will can morph to be female or an animal. His gifts adapt to any project he sets his mind to since he has the power to change his being.  Upon early associations with Hmv Kiera was ignorant of the role he would play in her journey. It was revealed to her that he was chosen to be her Hmv after he gave her his timeline

El Bajo

The Low one, a lion

A trusted friend and confidant, a lion who is on the cusp of becoming fully mature. El Bajo is friend to people and companion animals.  His purpose is to give away happiness to those he meets in his travels. El Bajo granted himself a self imposed exile to wander the desert and the sub plains, in order to complete a apprenticeship. The low one designates his birthright yet his name often causes others to disqualify his hidden royal character


A wise mare with wings, a healer

Kiera rode on the back of Yol’carn to pass over into the seamounts. Yol’carn aided her in discerning her destiny,  gave her the method for calming and assigned prescriptives for conjuring and clarifying herself. Kiera’s time with Yol’carn came to an end after Yol’carn was called to the Isle of Wan to fulfill her life’s calling

Valor, Vigilence and Verve

The 3 celestial beings, who come to Kiera when needed

Usually riding on horseback they are called by Kiera using her implant. Kiera uses a voice recognition system which is activated in extreme circumstances. Fear and anxiety trigger a early warning to the “V‘s” alerting them to come to her. Kiera is bound by a vow to ask for their assistance. The journey of the “V‘s” to Kiera is mysterious and undetermined, yet certain as promised by Yol’carn.


A time piece, Time. Chronology and Chronological

Chronos’ main purpose is to record and reproduce human, animals and hybred time-lines, first on earth, then other planets where assignments are posted. Chronos delights in coming along side created beings but has a curious way of disappearing at crucial times when needed. Chronos is a trickter and sometimes a stealer

YHWH-el universaro

The Creator, a trailblazer

YHWH-el universaro resides at the beginning of the worlds, and may occupy any human, animal or hybred that says ‘Yes’.

El universaro, covers the whole gamut of YHWH’s reach and beyond, often working in tandem with Chronos yet has a love-hate relationship with Chronos. Chronos and YHWH made a pact that was broken before the beginning of the beginning. Kairos is YHWH‘s chance or ticket to reveal an opportunity, a moment in time — to fast track lives to go beyond ‘chronogical living’

River Walker

A mana being of three in onea relation of YHWH

He spends most of his time in the River, walking or diving for lost and found  items and objects of interest. He often is found at local gottoes and taverns conversing with locals yet his favorite place is the River and the sea mounts of Livan-drea. Gathering is his forte whether it be time-lines, humans, animals, hybrids or artifacts.


The supreme moment, a discernable opportunity

Kairos is gentle as a breeze and can be easily missed, is quiet and dwells in silence. Any human or animal are well acquainted with Kairos some more so than others. Kairos is true there is no double mindedness or deception, Kairos is patient and works with YHWH yet also has a particular timeline of it’s own

Kairos is an ancient Greek word meaning the right or opportune moment (the supreme moment). The ancient Greeks had two words for time, Chronos and Kairos. While the former refers to chronological or sequential time, the latter signifies a time in between, a moment of undetermined period of time in which ‘something special happens’

St. Benedict

Desert father, saint and abbot, the founder of the Rule

Hildegarde of Bingen

Saint, abbess, artist, composer and prophetess

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