CSL Files 217, [2.03] After thought

“They say the Irish are head strong. But I prefer to say heart strong. I’ve never been to Ireland but my name, Maude-Regan is pure Irish! I figure that is why I always have little ditties playing in my head that I want to rhyme together into lyrics because I can hear music playing buried deep inside from ancestors past. I think there is physical genetic rendering, music is in the Irish”

My after thought is: music and love go together they are of the same substance. That’s why people fall in deeper love when they remember a song connected to a particular memory of meeting a special someone. You may fall in love with a person, fall in love with your work, or the geography and culture of where you live.

In studying physics I have come to understand the most important thing is to embrace contradiction and chaos. Since we would rather move away from c & c like a magnet in the opposite direction the interesting thing is, if we pay close attention—we are drawn back to the thing we are moving away from.

“Know that I’m not talking about erotic, romantic love but the substance, the matter in you and me that keeps us living and taking breaths everyday that drives you like an olympic athlete to the gold

When I came home from Cabo San Lucas I began to notice fear and anxiety loosening its hold on me. I accepted my perceived failures with new found delight and recycled all the past with the present to make something new

I guess that’s what love can do turn things old to new”


4 Responses to “CSL Files 217, [2.03] After thought”

  1. danceswithcrayons Says:

    Maude-Regan nice to meet you!
    Isn’t this wild and wonderful…you awaken with a song too?! Thank you for this lovely tidbit! I was not aware until reading your post, that it was an Irish trait.
    (maternal grandfather was born at Cork, Ireland) He sounded gruff sometimes, but soft like a marshmallow on the inside. A contradiction!
    Had been thinking of James Taylor’s song “Mexico” lately.

    Enjoy listening to what you share. Will now ponder about love, turning old to new.

    I think about failures too sometimes. To give my best, and fail, is painful. Yet to not have tried at all? Just now letting go of some guilt. Something these blind eyes, did not see. The blind spot.
    Feeling ready to enjoy blessings a bit more.

    And I will never be perfect, yet still want to grow, give to the day, become better.

    Thank you again….
    Some thoughts with a poem from earlier in the day, while making a card from a photo I took of a fragrant pink rose:
    Loving thoughts, soulful music…heart, dances!

    Oh, music is the meat of all who love,
    Music uplifts the soul to realms above.
    ~ Rumi

    Love, Jane : )
    ps saw a bit of the Women’s Hockey team playing last night…score at that time was 16-0. Go Canada!

  2. danceswithcrayons Says:

    Hello! LOL, is quite funny isn’t it!!
    Is a nickname, representing the dance of life, and enjoy the beauty of simplicity. And, don’t want to forget that little kids have taught me so much too, even in their art.
    But, my birth name is Jane : )

  3. That’s so great. Yes, I concur completely!

    Children’s art is so wonderful, telling and revealing.

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