A Liger’s Tale, v. Rhea’s footnote

“Another day was rolling out before her [Kiera]. She faced it with the same giddy determination that she always had, even if it meant being callow~coming down a little more heavily on the side of immaturity. Scatty, kind, heedless, carefree; informal, flaky yet, responsible, in control of, at the helm, accountable and answerable, sweet, gullible, honest, overtrusting and dupable she journeyed head on into the hour after midnight expecting that an hour would feel like a thousand years.”~Rhea Phoenix

2 Responses to “A Liger’s Tale, v. Rhea’s footnote”

  1. jodieinsteveston Says:

    An hour can definitely feel like a thousand years, especially around 3:00am in Steveston Village when the only sound other than than one’s thoughts is the slow moving, dull dredging sound coming from the Fraser River. So much sand that must be moved and shifted each season to allow boats to pass through. Maybe in some ways it is the same process that happens at night in our minds. We must clear the sledge from our brains in order to flow and be clear during the day. Sometimes I lie in bed at night and I think about the dark, flowing river and the enourmous sturgeon fish that swim in it—just blocks from my house. I am glad to be warm and cozy in my bed. I am glad to be human!

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