CSL Files 217, [1.01] The sun from the south

Brighter days lay ahead, even in November….

The sun from the south beckons many. A place such as Cabo San Lucas. It hasn’t been too long now that I dreamt I went there myself. Yet the only thing I can remember at this hour in the afternoon is the glass bottom boat and while peering into the bottom of the one we sailed in to view the fantastic sea life below, I looked closer than I had ever looked before, there on the ocean floor, was my compass….

2 Responses to “CSL Files 217, [1.01] The sun from the south”

  1. dojoagogo Says:

    Welcome back Erikita.

  2. Thank you it has been a while, but I am glad to be back in Steveston. There were many waves to look at as I crossed the ferry to the Island. I studied them, I watched their undulations and constant movement. Sea sickness has passed now and the currents are still shifting but are steady. Some days I awake to the the River to see see a glass like finish. While the face of the River is always changing I am beginning again with a clean slate, a new journal, and creative inspiration that is coming from a clear mind and a softened heart. I am grateful….

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