leading up to the beginning of the end of the beginning she broke herself on the craggy rocks pebbles stones the glass cut her and she bled all over herself

it was a unhappy day not quite what she had expected

but she soldiered and warrior~ed her way through a portal that called her into a destiny marked by a identifiable force within that she could not stop

it was the flow the stream that took her to the edge

excite~able, mall~able, sad happy all at once she believed herself to be closer to the truth than she ever had been and she was loving the river the wind the invisible

how did she get to the path to the golden divergent

chasing the invisible had always been the way known from the beginning of the beginning it would remain to the end of the end until the river beneath the river be found

frivolous forlorn a wee bit frantic she stood still and observed paciencia

~a gift given not a merit earned

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