A Liger’s Tale, XV. Apprentice

In the evenings it was complere (fill up).

A filling up before the end of the day. The last ritual before night dreams. Rhea fully expected Kiera she sensed her entry was eminent. Rhea hurried ‘fini complere, finish the filling up finally’! After sun down there was no food, except for Kiera! The taking in of words ‘the filling up’ sung or spoken interspersed with voices that echoed through every chamber.

Rothenburg/travelblog.orgIt would take 8 minutes to walk to the Foundry from the Monastery she saw herself already taking leave.

Visioning herself running towards the doors of the Foundry to greet Kiera.

She closed the book impatiently and looked to the Northex,

“Right finish already” she thought.

Dismissing herself in haste she left and walked quickly onto the cobblestone streets of Livan-drea. The stones were wet and as usual it required all of her agility to balance on the uneven stone. She had not been given the physical gift for nothing. She used it well.

“Balance, concentrate, centre….” Rhea remembered days upon days long passed in the studio where repetition was the order. “Again, again, 5 times 7 times–clap clap clap”, Madame yelled.

dancer lulu.com

Quicker and faster until her heart beat so fast she felt that it would burst within her breast. Walking the beam, the tightrope lengthening out while engaging the core of herself, she loved the feeling of the contractions, the power in her muscles that enabled her to bailer.

“Oh to move with an exacting pleasure, is my happiness” Rhea’s feelings spoke to her. When she danced her intuition was at its keenest. This was the beauty of the art form.

“When you train the body you train the mind” Madame says. “I will as I have strength to train this body….” echoed Rhea.

Livan-drea was lively with night light, shrill with the call of the merchants wares. The night market was just beginning and Rhea took the shortest route to the Foundry so that Kiera would not be waiting. Rhea loved this medival city with its many doorways and footpaths to shops and grottos where tables were set for ‘co-horts’ (socials), those small groups ‘….yes they were chemistry holding a recognizable identity’.

The gatherings of mortals and animals, and with hybred creatures that defied definition. Rhea was glad that she had been given a liger, correction–ligress now, she thought! Generally they were good natured, sociable and even water bound! The rain didn’t bother them which was good since Livan-drea was in rain 7 moons of its 12 year round.



“Oh timid one, you have travelled so far and now you are at the beginning of a beginning do not doubt your suiting. This is what you were called to, quiet now….Hmv told you without words. Remember, remember the Other room where you have learned The forth Power: Time….” Rhea susurrer words for Kiera.

Kiera was ready for refreshment. El agua, some carne (flesh) but not too much. Her mouth watered as she craved the flesh, the taste of the blood on her tongue.

“Liger’s need meat and this one needs a good filling!” she muttered to herself. Where is coraje and valentia now she wondered, I feel them far away from me. “I need you I tell you I will need you….” uttered Kiera.

The need for carne, for food for el agua was playing with her mind she began to doubt, she was forgetting she was not remembering any longer.

“A suiting or is it a filling or is it….” Kiera fell unconscious and lay on the cold stone.

at the wall~e 08

Rhea entered through the door way to the Foundry. Seeing Kiera on the stone floor she walked slowly and knelt beside her.

Rhea lay her hand upon her apprentice’s head marveling at the size of her skull caressing her ears and drawing a long line to trace the length of her whiskers.

She lowered her mouth to Kiera’s ear to susurrer the ancient word.

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