A Liger’s Tale, XII. Kompact Kargo

It had been long in coming the sextant made of alum-ore had finally arrived. Heart rapidly beating Kiera held her breath and opened the crate. She had expected not to be able to lift it herself but to her surprise it was astonishingly light, well designed kompact kargo.

It came with a traveling case and a complete repair kit, instructions for use and a concordato (a treaty-agreement). The ingenuous design allowed it to fold in two and tuck into a velvet traveling case that measured eight inches wide by twelve inches tall.sextant.brasscompass.com Feeling relief Kiera took three long breaths while she let her eyes and hands take in its exquisite beauty. Its form, functionality and design excited her.

The altitude of celestial objects now would be measurable not to mention the angles between objects on her nautical and aeronautical charts.

Altitude and latitude was what she was after. More importantly, the sextant allowed direct observations of the stars and celestial beings.

“That was all that I asked for the sextant made of alum-ore, gracias.

I must not forget in my forgetting or I shall never attain the elixir, its funny how you remember at times of forgetting and that you forget at times of remembering!”

She held deeply onto the knowledge that the elixir would restore her remembering since this was the key to el futuro remembering the past and emulating the journey of those that had gone before her. Keira’s mind stirred and slowly a image appeared with a memory of a kind of knowing.

The image pulsated revealing a lion with a tiger. A particular purr resonated in their chests with deep breaths the cats closely sensed each others presence without any physical touch. The sound was gutteral not harsh, ancient yet soulful. A primal stillness kept company with their breathe as if at any moment a revolution from within were to begin a long held fascination with each others species that would cause each to enter fight or flight….

“Ah–now I see and know the instrument is mine to use rightly to measure the distance between me and you…I will not give up my chance to remember where I have come from and where you are going”, she mused.

“Testing the authenticity of the image now will be given to the next leg of the journey….”

lionwtigercopy Kiera was well familiar with rogue images which were as clever as any rogue mortal. Combining the elixir with the sextant’s methodology would give her the answer. Closing her eyes she saw the now distant image fading it was only a matter of time until it’s authenticity would be verified. The concordato would be followed with the exact prescriptive.

“There will be no second guesses since the use of the elixir’s chemistry will only allow for one resolution, one chance to know the identity of the image bearer–of this I am certain since Rhea has taught me so” Kiera giggled.

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