A Liger’s Tale, XI. I find the map~enter Rhea Phoenix

mapWith some luck, space and time I will find the map…. I will have enough sense to not act in haste. Speed is my enemy it causes me to make further mistakes than I’m aloud in one day….

“How many blunders are you allowed” asked Rhea, “ad infinitum my lovely” Hmv replied.

“Oh I see, you mean to say as many as I like until I krack the Kode?” guessed Rhea.

“Yes that’s it, now you are on to it, you are becoming wise my apprentice, and I am happy with you” he said.

“But if I make mistakes in the same way over and over how will I ever Krack the Kode?” asked Rhea.

“That my darling is the mystery….” said Hmv

“That’s why I love you master you keep me guessing, yet you are kind, thank you” replied Rhea.

“Now go and beware of the Bluebeards of this world for there are many” he warned.

“I will remember your words but let me see what is behind the eyes of a stranger, friend or lover so that I may be wise” said Rhea.

“You will, since you so desire it….” he promised.Bluebeardkey

So Rhea ventured forth tired, weary yet a little lifted by her exhchange with Hmv.

I wish he was still here I miss him so, felt Rhea.

At the very least I have been given a encouragement and stern warning that is worth something. It is better than not being given anything at all. I will rely on this as good and when I encounter silence or strong words from strangers, friends or lovers I will be mindful. I will not take their silence to heart nor will I interpret it as a sign of some sort. I am so sorrily worn out by the goings on around here and just because I have a brain that detects gesticulation in others doesn’t mean I’m giddy.

There are so many parellel stories being lived at the same time that sometimes I just cannot bear the weight of it all. I wish I did not have this brain sometimes, or this feeling heart…. yet I know for certain that I cannot turn away from either for if I do I will go back to the deepest darkest dungeon and then who will give me the key to get out, is there even a doorknob on the inside?

I want to go far away from the parallel stories I want to be rid of them. With a little help from wise ones, sages, and gentle elixirs a clearing will come I know it. I can feel it in my bones! Oh did I really say that! Do not mention this to my man Blue it will give him further reason to lock me up in his secret room.

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A Liger’s Tale by Erika Koenig is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Canada License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at www.erikakoenigworkman.com.


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