A Liger’s Tale, IX. Kiera and Enna

Kiera with family

Kiera with Enna

Everyday we sat together and after playing in the grasslands, we would clean ourselves because the rough blades and burrs would stick to our coats. Enna and I were close like an extension of each other we observed, listened and waited together. That was most of our day except when we got sidetracked by a snake, spider or worse those horrible creatures that are not a bird but act like one –bats (murciélago)!

In my personal opinion I would venture to say YHWH-el universaro made them for torment. Let me tell you why.

‘One night I was sleeping, which is unusual for me because Im normally up at night. It must have been the day that Enna and I had traveled the longest we ever had. I was exhausted. That night I felt disturbed in my sleep by a draft and by a scritch-scratch sound. At first I ignored it and didn’t think much of it. But as I came back from sleep I was hit on the side of my ear with a leathery wing. It felt like a flap of skin that was alive. Fear arose within me not knowing what this creature was and half asleep I reacted, recoiled, then I got angry.

I roared, got up and threw myself against the side of the cave, As propelled myself forward, I was thinking; surely whatever this creature is, it will move away from me.  It went—but not with a flurry nor without a fight.’



Enna says,

“Bats are confused, that’s why they behave so, they are not sure as to whether they are a creature of the air or land”.

Night into day was a welcome moment let me say. Fact: the bat is nocturnal, is it insect, bird or mammal? Precisely, I am confused about this creature. No wonder it is so erratic in its movement and ways ie. hanging upside down! This is a childhood story.

“Where is Enna now I wonder?”

Since she moved to the nether reaches (my name for the Calattin Region). I have not seen or heard from her in far too long. I know like any proper Liger that she is ‘roaming’ fulfilling her destiny. I have always admired this in her. She came into her destiny early, discovered and acted upon that which was rightfully hers. From an early age she took hold of the Matrix, being the formula of her destiny.

“I was naiive, unaware of the Matrix, yet she knew and journeyed steadily onward in it. Naiive, gullible and unknowing. That describes me then and now”….

“You cannot erase history Kiera and you cannot undo what has been done” she heard Enna’s sussurar (whisper).

Very well, with pity and many tears Kiera accepted Enna’s words which rang true like the bell of the foundary tower of her childhood. The sound of the bell triggered the odour of the grinding metal and all at once she was certain Chronos was tricking her again. And so she remained in el presente patiently expectant of the arrival of the sextant made of alum-ore.

Matrix is the tool given to Enna, mine will be the sextant” she quietly mused.

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