A Liger’s Tale, VII. Yol’carn’s Farewell

Original art work by Julie Larm, 2007

Original art work by Julie Larm, 2007

Yol’carn fought ferociously the power within to leave the Abyssal Plains and move on to the Isle of Wan.

‘Choose now and swiftly without thought for el futuro.’ she heard within.

She accepted the challenge and in the blink of an eye went forward, adelante. As a healer she was well familiar with the tides of change and evolution within the mind and body. And now it was her turn.

It was the portal that presented itself. Yol’carn in her wisdom was accustomed to openings, to doors that opened with exacting pressure. For years she had worked with and observed it in humans and animals. Not afraid any longer her wings unfolded slowly and now with an exactitude that enveloped her.

‘Oh how I love to ride the wind, you can’t take me I’m free’

The song etched into her memory rose with the opening of her wings. Movement, generous, wide and circular her entire being took the shape of an energy that exceeded any form she had known. Like a child in a playground clumsily at first and then with steadiness Yol’carn galloped until her wings took flight with effortless rhythm.

Yol’carn nearly looked back for a moment, leaving behind associates in wisdom, apprentices in training and friends she turned resolutely looked straight ahead, head erect and wings in full flight she recalled saying

“It is yours, your Life as it is mine she told her apprentices, you must take hold of it and not be afraid”

Excited, the Blue Stallion flew along side her she knew the way and he followed and within a short time they landed on the Isle of Wan. Their colts were already there, Yol’carn and the Blue Stallion flew to join them. As she touched the earth on the Isle of Wan, which was accustomed to mortals than flying horses, Kiera appeared in her memory.

One last time she saw herself speaking to Keira:

“This is your time do not be afraid accept your nature, if you fall to temptation to deny it, you will forever be a slave to that which is not your own”

These were the last words spoken to Kiera and she had listened intently. Time was cut short with ferviente words, with delight Yol’carn recieved the unexpected gift. Kiera’s words were spoken to Yol’carn,

“Spread your wings and without further fragmented thoughts prosper so many will seek your guidance”

And with that Yol’carn belly laughed, knowing the truth of Kiera’s words they were as a catalyst that ignited her fire and she rose without look back up towards the Isle of Wan.

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A Liger’s Tale by Erika Koenig is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Canada License.
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One Response to “A Liger’s Tale, VII. Yol’carn’s Farewell”

  1. juleslarm Says:

    Hello, I am Julie Larm. I painted the Blue Stallion. I am also bipolar and have been battling the disease for over thirty-five years. I have not had an episode since the “angels” have spoken to me six years ago and had me paint. I would like to send you a copy of my book “Wings of Color,” which tells my story of how the extraterrestrial angelic beings came into my life. You see I had never painted before until six years ago. I am pleased that you used by painting on your site. You may e-mail me at Juleslarm@aol.com.

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