A Liger’s Tale, VI. El sueño del diálogo (the dream of the dialogue)

Photo credit: cats-chitchat.org
Photo credit: cats-chitchat.org

In the dream the dialogue came, slowly at first and then with screaming clarity.

“But I’m in training to navigate the I don’t knows as they come and go” !

Hardest part Hmv says: “Success will come in time but not without struggle, then one day you will wake up and move things that you could not before”

“I feel so unequipped for the journey, I’m learning to navigate as the moment dictates” she screamed in reply.

“Good that is your work for today, now go and drink a potion that is made from white fruit made by Kings River, but remember to moderate your toxins, you have a long journey ahead of you”.

“Yes master let me learn as a child and let me be happy in doing so” Kiera left the room annoyed.

La ventana et  la persiana were still. She listened for any movement for a la manera de andar. El Bajo was sleeping. With a soltero descision she reached for el valor. One of the close cousins of the ‘Invisibles’, Valor would be roused but not without preparation.

“Fine all right then, I will do as you ask” she was talking to herself now.

El Bajo was right all along. She recognized that every affirmation given was with respect and good intention. El Bajo was not master but friend along the way. She knew El Bajo desired the best for her, in this she sensed his care and with that knowledge came a happiness. This was the preparation for el valor.

“Now rest and be still go into el futuro, because all things will unfold as they are meant to” echoed his words.

“I will”, she said.

Yol’carn’s councel observed the strong link that Kiera shared with El Bajo. As Kiera gathered knowledge she bagan to unravel the gift El Bajo gave her. It was something like a young happiness, sweet, tasty and joyous. In return her strongest desire was for El Bajo’s release from the place in the desert.

However this would happen was un gran misterio. Deep within el corazon not a day went by without susurrer palabras for El Bajo. It felt a gift yet carga at once and daily she disciplined herself to leave it to YHWH~el universo

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