raft_17999_lg[1]Somewhere deep inside the cavern a tremor slowly rose winding upward to the place where small cracks and eruptions begin to leek out. It came without forewarning everytime. Minding my own business I was enjoying the long awaited moment with an new old friend when it started.

Within the space of 24 hours I was in hell again.

Load the trigger get your gun reach for the handle. Fight it or fly or hardest yet remain glued to where you are, still, wrestle and prepare for combat with your heart.

Earthquake tremor a ground swelling opp abounds before you have time to think and lo and behold you are in a stand off. Much like the ones in the wild west down south. Southern Tucson purple hills and big sky country surround while you face the enemy.

There is a beauty about the moment. You wonder how passion can exist so equistedly with danger ~ fear abide so closely with desire. This is the moment you have waited for and your heart is a fury flurry bound looking fear in the face while holding onto heart preservation at the same time.

Preserve….are you familiar with the word with the action with the force that commands Preserve for those who hang on? One day you may have the opp to become familiar with Preserve. Like a buoy in the water bobbing constantly up and down and by its nature refusing to stay beneath the surface is Preserve. It reserves while it preserves and it surrounds while it abounds.

White water caps roll waves thrash here and there and the Preserve is fastened to your raft. You know the little one floating down the Fraser.

Uneqipped for the journey ahead learning to navigate as the moment dictates. Nothing no fisher man or woman has not experienced….

3 Responses to “24”

  1. dojoagogo Says:

    Remember the maxim “I don’t know.” U’ll be fine.

    • And Im in training to navigate the I don’t knows as they come and go.

      Hardest part master says: “Success will come in time but not without struggle, then one day you will wake up and move things that you could not before”

      “I feel so uneqipped for the journey ahead and Im learning to navigate as the moment dictates” she said in reply.

      “Good that is your work for today, now go and drink a small potion that is made from white grapes, but remember to moderate your toxins, you have a long journey ahead of you”

      “Yes master let me learn as a child and let me be happy in doing so”

  2. Gracias Senora 🙂

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