The snake said nothing

Understanding the enemy
The enemy without

My reader Murali from India tells the story of a girl who decided to climb a mountain to visit her grandmother. It was pouring with rain, a cold wind was blowing, and thunder rolled at each second.

When she was almost reaching her destination, she felt something brushing against her feet. Looking down, she saw that it was a snake.

“I’m almost dying,” said the snake. “It’s very cold and there’s no food up here on this mountain, please protect me! Put me under your coat, save my life, and I will be your best friend.”

Despite the storm, the girl stopped and began to reflect.

She saw the snake’s green and gold skin and told herself that she had never seen anything so beautiful.

She thought how her classmates would envy her if she showed up with a snake to defend her from everything.

Finally she said:

“All right. I am going to save you because all living beings deserve care and affection.”

The snake became the girl’s friend, served to scare aggressive people at school, and kept her company on lonely days. Until one night when she was doing her homework and she felt a sharp pain in her right foot. On looking down, she saw that the snake had bitten her.

“You’re poisonous!” she cried. “I’m going to die!”

The snake said nothing.

“How could you do this to me? I saved your life!”

“On that day, when you bent down to save me, you knew I was a snake, didn’t you?”

And he slithered slowly away.

~Paulo Coelho’s Blog

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6 Responses to “The snake said nothing”

  1. a great inspirational story , thanks for sharing it.

    • You are most welcome….nice to correspond with someone in North Africa! I will subscribe to your blog and then I can receive your entries. Tell me about Morroco! I have 3 pretty-good boys….one 19, two almost 11, three almost 10….they are a blessing and I am fortunate to have them….my oldest son is autistic with multiple disabilities…his blog I am managing is, thanks for commenting much appreciated….Erika :)

  2. danceswithcrayons Says:

    Hello Salonunidad,
    Thank you for posting this story. How important and useful it is, to be able to simply understand. Stories help me, then can put into practise. And stories also come to mind, when talking with children.
    Now, learning about snakes, and saying ‘no’.

    Thank you, Love, Jane : )

    • Hi Jane, thank you for taking time to comment.

      Yes, I think it is so true how we can learn lessons from simple stories, it seems to me story has the ability to let us see ourselves in the different characters that are portrayed, then we can reflect on the message of the story and notice how we have experienced such things….this has been passed on by master story teller Paulo, I guess the important thing is that we continue to pass it on to others and learn from it being told and retold. I find children are always very able to hear the truth of stories and if I am fortunate then I can listen to what the children will say about the story :)

  3. danceswithcrayons Says:

    Yes, agreed. Paulo’s stories are the best! Timeless and simple, and the metaphors can be applied to daily living and challenges. And I am beginning to see the stories in music and pictures also.
    Enjoyed your Blog very much (Canadian also, from Saskatchewan)!
    Working at my Blog more too, enjoying the experience!
    Best Wishes, thanks again, Love, Jane : )

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